Weird variable thing in 8.1.5

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Check in your script editor window under the Edit Sub-menu and look to see
if "variable checking" is checked. That means that you need to declare any
variables before you can use them. If you uncheck this, LiveCode will not
require you to declare variables.
Some people don't use variable checking and other do. That is a personal
preference. Look up variable checking in the manual and you can decide what
to do.


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Subject: Weird variable thing in 8.1.5

I just created a button with this script:

On mouseup
  Put "test" into tTest
End mouseUp

It would not compile, producing the following error:

Compilation error at line 2 (Chunk: can't create a variable with that name
(explicitVariables?)) near "tTest", char 15

Why would this happen?

Nobody would ever be able to use 8.1.5 if that always happened, so what
would make it happen now?

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