Correct img format for browser widget.

hh hh at
Sun Jul 16 15:37:20 CEST 2017

> Jonathan wrote:
> Is this part of the same-source policy for web pages? The HTML file and the image file
> needing to be in the same folder?

No. I wrote this only because the example used a relative path pointing to the same folder:

> Example htmltext of the widget or text of the file "flower2b.html":
> <html><body><img src='flower2b.png' width='80' height='60'></body></html>

But the same-source-policy is becoming more and more strong.
The browser (or webkit repspectively) wants a clear "base-url" when making the decision
whether 'same-source' is fulfilled.
This may be a problem here because such a "base-url" is derived by also checking the
html-file origin. And in the case of an empty URL of the widget (htmltext only is set)
there is no file origin ...

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