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If “popup” is non-blocking then it’s a bug. However, I hope that the non-blocking behaviour of “open invis as modal” is retained, or there is no way to indicate progress in a modal.


Hugh Senior



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Just to add a related note here, at least on 9dp5 the "popup" command is also not pausing. It is supposed to pause the handler that calls it until menupick happens but in my experience here it simple keeps running even while the modal is open.


This might be related.


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Opening a modal as normal (i.e. visible) obviously still does what you
specify. We simply have a 'hidden feature' that enables a non-blocking modal
should it be required (e.g. a progress indicator that prevents user-clicks
on other windows).

Hugh Senior

> I'm going to have to disagree here. I open windows modally for the
> purpose of halting code in the calling stack until the modal window is
> dismissed so that I can proceed with input from the user. An Answer dialog
> simply a modal stack if I am not mistaken. It's interesting though that a
> hidden window is not modal. I will have to experiment with that.
> Bob S
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> >
> > (modal blocks underlying windows, not necessarily code)

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