I need a "slider" in a circle

Roger Guay irog at mac.com
Mon Jul 10 00:56:34 CEST 2017

Thanks very much for the compliment, but give mea day to upload the latest. I’ve made significant improvements to RadialDialOmatic since the original upload. Right now I have to leave for a concert at  Ste. Michelle Winery!!.



> On Jul 9, 2017, at 1:13 PM, hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> Just to 'complete' this thread.
> Detected today a good solution by Roger Guay from 2012, still up-to-date
> (this solution is in between a full gauge and a circular slider)
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/645/RadialDialOmatic
>> Yet another solution: RotationControl.
>> This is a control I recently made for use at LC Global in November:
>> An "ovalslider"-group that is under the control of a behavior button.
>> Attach the behavior to any LC-Object that has an angle property.
>> Runs with LC 6/7/8/9 on Mac/Win/linux or with LC 6/7 on Raspi.
>> For mobile (or at any rate ...) you may have to adjust the layout of
>> the slider-group(basics are already in the behavior script).
>> Download the stack (590 KByte because of two demo images, the script
>> is short) from "sample stacks" of the LC toolbar or from 
>> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/837/RotationControl
>> [p.s. There is also a new cool TinyIDE from Andy at livecodeshare!]
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