Biased testing and micro-coaching

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Jul 8 06:36:58 CEST 2017

Your testers can be remote, assuming you get "live wires"  who will dedicate time to testing/ communications

I always invite them to SLACK asap so they feel they can contact me any time and then we jump into  video rooms.

I just exited 2 hours of meetings with one young mom, her daughter and two teen agers.

Obvious things like "Will we be able to still listen to the audio if we do other stuff on our phone?" (doable on iOS, not on android?)

and "if we return to the same audio from the history, can we start up where we left off? (easy one, current time of mobile player is easily save to the ""Journal")


or  the hard ones:

"I think your openings screen rows (links to content) are too big… can we make the smaller young users won't want to scroll all over the place." (why hard? stack holders fascination prioritizing graphics over UX efficiency, those are the hard ones)

and yes, there is no substitute for face-to-face… but you can do that on line so easily now.

testing our app: sure: go here:

git at

pull the nightly branch.

if you "don't do git" then send me your UDID (off list)

OR if you are on android then super easy: open this page on your phone and click the link to download the PKG

Though LC performance on Android is quite bad on some devices. I have some man with a Blackberry running 3 GB ram, with some super process and plenty of HD space. but he complains it is slow… but my more "under powered" Nexus 5 Runs the app quite well.  

I am also interested in your Augmented Earth project… but I can't get past the log in screen…


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    I am impressed by your circle of beta testers!
    I have plenty of friends and family that would help, but they are spread around the country. 
    Point taken about folks not communicating so well. It seems like direct observation of them using it could help.
    The way my brain works, I am decent at figuring out clever solutions, but terrible at realizing what others will find intuitive. It looks like I will need to put in extra effort to cultivate my testers.
    My plan for very slow early growth is partly to compensate for this issue. It needs to be a near flawless user experience before I start promoting.
    I can be a beta tester for you, if that would help. I don't resemble your target market in the least, and my UI preferences are odd, but I might have some good ideas.

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