Biased testing and micro-coaching

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Well, 3 out of 3 people who tested my app from this list got stuck signing up, but no one got stuck when I was there to prompt them to use the Universal Options button.

So, I have to discipline myself to keep my mouth shut. Everything depends on it.

This is my second time reading your article, Jacqueline- but this time I appreciate it much much more!

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> On Jul 7, 2017, at 4:09 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> That's a good summary. It's tedious sometimes but essential. The hardest part by far is keeping your mouth shut. If I had a one-way mirror in a sound-proofed room I'd use that. Another method might be to have the user share their screen and turn off your microphone, but screen sharing is not easy on mobile apps.
> On 7/7/17 2:49 PM, Jonathan Lynch via use-livecode wrote:
>>> From reading these, it looks like my basic steps are these:
>> 1. Make changes to the app
>> 2. Test for usability myself a dozen times, trying things in different orders  and in different ways to make it fail
>> 3. Have my testers, which is really about 3 family members, test it to make it fail
>> No coaching, no hints
>> Directly observe their tests very closely
>> Make notes on any moments of confusion, even if they minor
>> Interview them, asking what they were thinking at each step
>> Adjust the help file and add hints - and test those as well
>> 4. Fix as needed and retest
>> 5. Publish
>> 6. Try to find virgin testers for next time, varying in age and mindset
>> Does that sound about right?
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