Peculiar behavior of group objects with hide-lock. show-unlock

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Jul 6 20:39:49 CEST 2017

I've hit a similar, but not identical, issue and have been planning to 
submit a bug report but it's been tricky to extract example code from my 
full project so I haven't got to it yet.

There seems to be an issue with nested lockscreens if one of the locks 
uses a visual effect. My guess is that the one with a visual effect 
seems to corrupt or override the lock count.

The workaround in my current project is to make sure there is only one 
set of lock/unlock commands, the one with the visual effect. Apparently 
that didn't work for you.

My stack doesn't use "show/hide with visual effect" though. Instead I 
"lock screen for visual effect" and then later "unlock screen with 
visual effect." Maybe separating out the command that way would work better.

On 7/5/17 11:05 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode wrote:
> Given this scenario:
> command buildLesson pLessonNumber
> hide grp "lessonTextControl" with visual effect dissolve very fast
> lock screen
> put empty into fld "daily-lesson-text"
> # FETCH FILES here
> # insert into field, all the while setting type styles to the last line
> # as the only way I could figure out how to dynamically set type from plain text
> # then this:
> # finish with the last bit of text:
> put cr & (line 6 to -1 of tTodaysMWS) after fld "daily-lesson-text"
> show grp "lessonTextControl"
> unlock screen with visual effect Dissolve very fast
> end buildLesson
> What happens:   is this sequence of visual events
> 1) goes empty… as if line 3 of the above came first
> 2) Now the grp (with only the grc) fades
> 3) there is a brief pause while my typesetting finishes in the background
> 4) now the bkg grc of grp "lessonTextControl"  shows
> 5) but text does not appear, until I touch the field.. the "pop" it is rendered.

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