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Tue Jul 4 18:08:15 CEST 2017

By synchronicity, I start writing a very similar message a few days ago.

I stopped writing the email when I'd typed the words "is there another print 
property I should be using?" and as is often the case when I draft a 
despairing message to the use- list, this prompted me to look a bit harder and 
find the answer.

My problem, at least, was solved by finding the printPaperSize, which 
correctly returns (for A4 at 100%) "595,842" - a reasonable approximation for 
A4 paper converted to inches at 72dpi.

 > Can anyone shed some light on this please.

Simple answer: it's a bug. At some point the printPaperRectangle has been 
nobbled to be exactly the same as the printRectangle. I've reported this as

In the meantime, the printPaperSize is your friend, provided the page setup is 
at default scale and orientation: in this case, the printPaperRectangle should 
be the same as printPaperSize with two zeros.

However if you're not at default scale/orientation, you're a bit out of luck. 
You can reasonably infer orientation from the printRectangle, but there's not 
a reliable way to figure out the true scaled paper size from the combination 
of printRectangle and printPaperSize (which is why we need printPaperRectangle).


On 30/06/2017 19:17, Terence Heaford via use-livecode wrote:
> LC 8.1.4, MacOS 10.12.5
> Print Paper Rectangle returns 8,8,834,587 for A4 Landscape.
> This does not seem to match the description in the dictionary?
> "The printPaperRectangle property contains four comma-separated integers and is in points.
> The default value reflects the default values of the printPaperSize and printPaperOrientation.
> The four numbers represent the left, top, right and bottom of the rectangle being printed to.
> The rectangle is relative to the top-left of the page, and the left and top will currently always be 0.”
> Can anyone shed some light on this please.
> Thanks
> Terry
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