Is there Digital Clock Component out there?

hh hh at
Sat Jul 1 03:01:40 CEST 2017

@ Ali.
> Ali wrote:

>> hh wrote:
>> In Oct 2016 I made a digital widget clock, published in
>> the forum > LC Builder > Community widgets:
>> [And there: "Doesn't work in the HTML5 standalone builder."]

> It should now work in HTML5 too :-D

Yes, this is a great new feature.
The problem is that nearly all my widgets were built in LC 8.1.1.
The HTML5 standalone builder of 9.0.0-dp7 supports now (except of
the browser widget) also widgets. But the handlers where script
access (to my script object) is allowed changed in LC Builder.
So I had first to rewrite the widgets to have them run in 9.0.0-dp7.

As such changes may occur again with each new dp-version, I'll
better wait until the first 9.0.0 stable version.
Hope you have more luck with your widgets.


> hh wrote:
> Simply use the lcb file to recompile it with the LC version
> you wish to use. Currently the binary lce files from LC 8 are
> not usable in LC 9 and vice versa.

I have to correct this: Recompiling is not enough because also
LC Builder has changed its behavior for important handlers
(especially for OnPaint).

But you may find some snippets in the lcb file that perhaps could
make your life easier when creating your own digital clock widget.

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