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This has been described at the ol' "plist hack":
Look at the package contents of the version your using. Navigate to the Contents>Tools>Runtime>iOS folder and set the permissions for write access to the "Device-x_x" folders. Then edit the "Settings.plist" files and delete the 2 lines.. <key>UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend</key>

Rebuild your app. The app will only close if you "Quit" it by LC script or the app window is not displayed and iOS needs the memory (although I have never had the latter happen)

Hope this helps...

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Use case is: multiple apps and the local  mobile browser, all in a navigable ecosystem on small devices.

on iOS, you can make an app that does this

1) Open to home screen
2) go to card "Virtual Tours"
3) click on "Gardens"
4) go to another card name "gardens" (just an example)
5) click a button that has a script like

On  mouseup
    launch url
end mouseup

Ok build, load and run on the iPhone…

if you click through in the app to card gardens and click on the link and it takes you to Safari on iPHone and Chrome on Android.

in iOS you will get a small "< MyApp" in the upper left corner of Safari. Android of course has it's default back button.

on iOS if you click that button  "<MyApp"

it seems as if iOS does a reload of the app and you are taken back to the home screen and not back to the card "gardens" which is where you were before switching to Safari.

So the question is:

Is there a way to ensure that the "back button" on any device's web app, goes back to the card in the stack from which it was invoked by the "launch ulr" command?

SIDE    QUESTION: We are aware of the we are aware of the deep URL link aka "Custom URL Scheme"… is Safari using that to go back to the stack?  can someone point US to the lesson for LC mobile that shows how to use the custom URL Scheme?  I think I read that you could set it up to include a query string that is handled by LC when the external app opens the app. Like go to a specific card.  Have yet to test this.


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