Browser Widget/HTML5/LC Integration

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jan 27 17:21:30 EST 2017

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > Currently there is a "wall" between LC and the browser widget.
 > Our use case is simple: the browser widget by default can only store
 > data in the web indexDB space.  But if you want to run a SQLLite
 > database in your mobile app, and use html5 for either, complete
 > robust small app modules or even as light weight "views" … you need
 > to have the browser widget act and behave and communicate with the LC
 > back like any other control. Presently if, e.g. you issue click down
 > in the browser widget to fire some handler in LC (to store some data
 > in the database)  and the LC handler is supposed to store the data..
 > that handler's response never gets back to the Javascript. You have
 > to start building up crazy solutions where you set values in LC and
 > then other JS handler check those… it turns into "call back hell"
 > with no means to control the timing.

There seems to be another, perhaps bigger, question implied here:

What needs to be added in LC which would make it easier to develop GUIs 
in than HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so that you wouldn't need to split your 
work between such very different paradigms?

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