LC Server & Server Based Stack?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri Jan 20 23:35:57 CET 2017

Hi Mike,

I was able to get your example to work fine,
so it proves that I’m touching the stack Ok,
but when I try to send a message to a 
handler script in the stack it doesn’t execute
the handler.


send “executeThis” to stack “teststack”

In the stack script of “teststack” the contents of

on executeThis

   answer "This is the script in the teststack”

end executeThis

I looked at the stack..
..and the stack did nothing.

What am I not doing properly here?



> On Jan 20, 2017, at 2:26 PM, Mike Bonner via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> What jacque was referring to is a different animal. An executable set up as
> a cgi, that (if I recall correctly has a startup script and that after
> script completion, exits)
> The lc server itself runs in cgi mode (as apposed to as a module I believe)
> and unless you're using the earliest version (you're not) can access and
> use stacks "out of the box."
> A very simple example:
> My lcserver script..
> <?lc
>   start using stack "teststack.livecode"
>   put "<pre>" & the script of stack "teststack" & "</pre>"
>   randomize
> ?>
> Starts using a very very simple stack.
> Shows the script of that stack.
> executes the command "randomize" that is in the stack.
> You can see it work here:
> You can of course also "go" to a stack.

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