I'm a stupid GIT

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jan 7 16:00:52 EST 2017

Malte Brill wrote:

 > I also am a stupid GIT. Way over my head. That said - can’t this be
 > somehow automated so that one could download nightly builds?

While nightly builds can be a good practice for many projects, LC is 
unusually complex, and requires a LOT of time to run their build system.

In addition to compiling for desktop for Mac, Windows, and Linux, they 
also need to compile deployment engines for iOS and Android, and Server 
engines for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  All but the Server engines then 
need to be copied into each deliverable so we can deploy to all the 
platforms we enjoy with LC, and those then need to go through the tool 
that builds the installers.

So while most apps only need a single build for one or two platforms, LC 
needs to run multiple steps across a much larger number of platforms.

This multiplies the time so much that I would imagine it would take many 
hours to build a release, making it impractical to run daily.

The team makes _using_ LC so easy that we often forget that the 
behind-the-scenes work is so complex almost no other company even 
attempts to support as many platforms with this level of integrated GUI 

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