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> Am 04.01.2017 um 13:32 schrieb Francis Nugent Dixon <effendi at <mailto:effendi at>>:
> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> I am obviously in a physical and technological backwater.
> With my 4 Macs, I spend happy 8 hours a day - every day of the week.
> I run Mac OS 10.9 (can’t see why I should keep updating to later versions)
> With LiveCode, ’tis the same - I’m on 5.5.4, happy as a pig in shit with this
> version - programming new apps (for me alone - not looking to sell !)
> And I woke up in 2017 to find that LiveCode has been updated (quite a
> few times) - And although I didn’t follow what those updates brought
> to my beautiful 5.5.4, I kept on developing apps for myself on Mac and PC.
> This day in 2017 (already ?) I decided to look to see how far I have
> fallen behind - and got the shock of my life (699 a year for INDY and
> 1999 for Business versions) - no mention of a “fun for you only” version !
> We seem to have come rather a long way since free HyperCard. I’m
> not complaining - liveCode gives me eons of satisfaction, but I can’t 
> afford tariffs like this for the new, all singing, all dancing liveCode.
> LiveCode information on Internet is very limited. If you want to sell
> your apps, start at 699  and pay much more for a full Commercial version !
> I heard that there was an educational version free (NO INFORMATION)
> DID NOT hear of a NON-COMMERCIAL version for the Home Programmer.
> Can any nice person let me know if I can program in a more recent version
> of livecode (JUST FOR MY FUN) - without spending ALL of my retirement
> pension. I was bitten by a bug in 1959 - and I can’t stop programming ! 
> And - I know that liveCode IS the way ………
> Gung-Ho from Beautiful Brittany
> -Francis
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