Subject - LiveCode - I'm not a very happy Bunny

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Wed Jan 4 07:32:18 EST 2017

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

I am obviously in a physical and technological backwater.

With my 4 Macs, I spend happy 8 hours a day - every day of the week.
I run Mac OS 10.9 (can’t see why I should keep updating to later versions)

With LiveCode, ’tis the same - I’m on 5.5.4, happy as a pig in shit with this
version - programming new apps (for me alone - not looking to sell !)

And I woke up in 2017 to find that LiveCode has been updated (quite a
few times) - And although I didn’t follow what those updates brought
to my beautiful 5.5.4, I kept on developing apps for myself on Mac and PC.

This day in 2017 (already ?) I decided to look to see how far I have
fallen behind - and got the shock of my life (699 a year for INDY and
1999 for Business versions) - no mention of a “fun for you only” version !

We seem to have come rather a long way since free HyperCard. I’m
not complaining - liveCode gives me eons of satisfaction, but I can’t 
afford tariffs like this for the new, all singing, all dancing liveCode.

LiveCode information on Internet is very limited. If you want to sell
your apps, start at 699  and pay much more for a full Commercial version !
I heard that there was an educational version free (NO INFORMATION)
DID NOT hear of a NON-COMMERCIAL version for the Home Programmer.

Can any nice person let me know if I can program in a more recent version
of livecode (JUST FOR MY FUN) - without spending ALL of my retirement
pension. I was bitten by a bug in 1959 - and I can’t stop programming ! 

And - I know that liveCode IS the way ………

Gung-Ho from Beautiful Brittany


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