Animated Gifs on Other Cards

hh hh at
Wed Jan 4 01:47:42 EST 2017

TMHO it is much better to animate gifs by an own handler (send in
'regular' time intervals, for example every next full second).
Only by that you have full control on the animation speed on different
hardware. I have a lot of gifs whose speed is set to "fastest", not this
perfect on fast machines, only fine old PowerPCs.

And by setting ONE "check" (variable) you can start/stop
the animation:
= stop at once/ after finishing the loop/ after a certain time amount
= don't stop but pause only
= stop forever after a certain number of repeats
= pause for a certain amount of time
= pause while the suspended
= stopping if the cycle becomes too slow
etc ...
As usual this may all be done by one handler for each gif or
by ONE handler up in the message hierarchy for several gifs.

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