Animated Gifs on Other Cards

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Jan 3 22:35:26 EST 2017

Good input… off screen or on top card of open window behind the top stack: GIF is still running…

Given that we might be instantiating the appearance of these GIFs (icons of buttons) "here and there and everywhere" via some low level back script or lib that was brought into the msg path with start using… it makes sense then to hide it as a "best practice" … with a generalized behavior… this would avert the need for additional "sensor code" to be have to check if the window was open but behind etc.  

I haven't tried it recently, but I once (years ago) had a number of animated GIFs on my desktop (mac)… and the Finder ran slow as molasses.  Put them all into a folder, Finder became responsive again.

This got me to thinking the other day, if they slow down LC performance when running.

The other term use case beside brief appearance of indicators that come and go,  would be even more intensive: in this case we know what is happening, they are all there, running on top: set 4-8 animated GIF figures to start moving around on the screen, with some voice over story line… will this "die" on a cheap Android phone? TBD

Of course we can benchmark this now that we know when the GIF still runs or not.


Jacque wrote:
    I've hidden "busy" gifs before without any repercussions.

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