Foundation Framework

JB sundown at
Tue Jan 3 16:10:06 CET 2017

I did what I could to provide some good
examples to help people learn.

If you are not making any mistakes then
you are not learning anything.

If you want it all prepackaged ask the
Livecode team to use the samples in
widgets.  They will do what they see
is financially beneficial so your money
speaks when it comes to changes.


> On Jan 3, 2017, at 5:16 AM, hh <hh at> wrote:
>> JB wrote:
>> Over a year ago they said Foundation was
>> imported and you can even use pointers. I
>> don’t have anymore info about it.
> JB, 
> thanks. A simple example of an already available foundation
> function and a link to a header listing others is here:
> (explained there by peter-b, for use in a widget's code)
> But that's probably the very beginning only of what you have
> in mind.
>> JB wrote:
>> Learning C will help even if for some reason they are having
>> problems with Foundation.
> Most of us hope that having a good example for copy and paste
> will be enough for "similar usages" with small changes. Avoiding
> C/C++/objC or java may be, besides LC's cross-platform property,
> for many people a main reason to use LiveCode.
> It will be an important community contribution by people like
> you to give us such typical good examples!
> hh
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