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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue Feb 28 20:41:05 EST 2017

@ Bob:

Right: not meant to criticize, but hopefully constructive observation about a specific issue… that's how we evolve, right?

 "just sayin"  that to the eyes of the user  (as Quentin said) a widget is a visual object/control on screen, like any other, the expectation that they can enter

on mousedown; grab me; end mousedown

will be very high. 

So this is a "gotcha" for newbies -- and I don't mean "kids" but experienced graphic designers who work all day in a visual environment: (a target market that IMHO opinion could be huge were LC ramp up on the visual side)  and now, in the new IDE(s), like HYPE from Tumult (just installed yesterday.. amazing…)

… Solutions could be simple as adding to the dictionary a disclaimer "SVG objects are drawn arithmetically; as such they do not behave like a block of rasterized pixels. In order to drag an SVG widget you need to group it first and then add the grab me to the group."  Or like Mike said  "fix it" 

Some things are fundamental in the UI/UX and dragging objects *any* object is one of them, and has been from the day we mouse down on an icon on the desktop and dragged it into the trash.

Just my two rain drops from Kauai where a storm is moving in, could be as much as 10 inches in 10 hours tonite. Yikes!

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    oh contraire. Not all images are the same. Support for each kind of image has to be implemented. If the industry developed a new kind of image, LC would be faced with incorporating that format. 
    Bob S

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