Is it just the IDE that crashes, or are standalone at risk?

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Tue Feb 28 19:46:22 EST 2017

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> My IDE was "crashing" but I traced it to an obscure infinite loop I
> inadvertently created, by creating a handler, which triggered something in
> a datagrid behavior which automatically called the original handler. It was
> a beatch to find. I believe that LC may detect these infinite loops (by the
> number of recursions?) and bails out when it happens. (It may also have
> something to do with memory allocation).

No loops.  There are a pair of behaviors that relaunch themselves with
"send in" every 30 seconds or so.

> Also, are you using a "stable" version, or are you using developer
> previews on a regular basis?

All stable releases and release candidates.  I've never even launched 9,
and had to skip 6 entirely (the pirate code dots were so much worse than 5,
and 7 fixed it before 6).

As for richmond's suggestions, this is a bog-standard Sierra installation,
and there aren't any non-apple utilities installed, and 16gb ram on a
mid-2011 27" iMac, quad-core i5.

In fact, there isn't much *at all* installed, and rarely anything open but
lived ode, open office, iWork, filezilla, acrobat reader and professional,
scansnap, safari, firefox, and a brother printer driver

I use the latest 8 stable or rc, and until some 8.1.4 fixes, have to use
 7.1.4 for some combining of stacks.
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