Image Manipulation by javascript/HTML5 using a widget

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Tue Feb 28 18:29:28 EST 2017

Hi hh,

Thank you. There's a whole ton of javascript libraries out there that allow
some great effects. I have not yet learned webgl, but I know we could do
some very cool warps with it. I don't have much knowledge in that area, but
I look forward to all the stuff that you and others with a high-level of
image manipulation skills could create.

I also think it would also be possible to generate an animation in an html5
canvas object, but do it in a hidden browser widget. It could be set up to
export the image data from that canvas object and put it into an image in
LC, complete with transparent parts. The way I envision it, each frame
would be triggered by the completion of the transfer of the previous frame,
until a given motion is complete, using something like "send
triggerNextFrame to me in 0 seconds". This would prevent errors when LC or
JS gets ahead of the other, and would allow other messages to proceed while
the 3d animation is happening. The frame rate would vary based on the
computer's speed, but could set to a max rate, I think. That would allow us
to have 3D animations that appear directly on a card, presented through an
image object, with the position controllable by LiveCode script.

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> Roger E. wrote:
> >  Sounds very cool!  Where is the download link?
> Use "Sample Stacks" in the LC toolbar (Sort descending by date) or
> (slower) (at top if sorted by 'Newest')
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