Script Editor fixable? (was: Configuring a Sublime Text project to notify LiveCode IDE about updates to script only stacks)

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> I don't think SOS is the main future.  I think it gives us another option.

I don't think it will *ever* be a full-fledged option until stacks
themselves can be saved as text files for use with standard revision
control and patching.  The most it can due is take a chink out of the

And on the value of those . . .

As I was nearing the end of my dissertation, and had a visiting spot for
the following year lined up, with a $10k difference between waiting for
paperwork (assistant prof) and ABD (instructor), my wife had to go to
California to help her sister's family during her first cancer.  I had to
drive out to pick them up, and lost my transmission in Omaha (really,  It
*does* happen outside of country songs).   I had a laptop  with an older
version of my dissertation with me, and hard-copy of the current version
with advisor comments (between two majors in my Ph.D. and working outside
the departments, I had three advisors).  Because (and only because) LyX and
LaTeX are text format, I was able to simply edit the obsolete copy and use
diff to make a comparison, and apply patch to the most recent copy, and
actually get two days work out of the two days I spent stranded.

More commonly, until and unless livecode can save such that such standard
tools or comparable can be applied, multi-person development will remain a
fantasy and/or novelty.

I've come to accept that the next major rewrite of my software is going to
have to be in something else (Swift?) so that I can add developers, as well
as the inability to actually put a pdf or eps on a card (just a bitmap of
it won't do); livecode just doesn't seem to me doing towards such a

Yes, I understand the desire to stay true to the hypercard model, but
as-is, I don't see livecode as a viable solution to a project larger than
the indy limits.

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