The selectedText for controls without focus

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of field "fieldname" is an optional argument youcan use.

get the selectedtext of field "myfield"

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> Hi all.
> The Short Version:
> Is there a way to get the hilited text for a control without focus?
> The Long Version:
> I use a method for forms (by which I mean LC cards with fields and buttons
> on them) where I set the traversalOn to false on all the fields when I am
> simply viewing the data, so that the user will not be led to believe they
> are making actual edits to the database simply because they changed the
> value of a field.
> I have new/edit buttons that then set the traversalOn accordingly. But
> when not editing (view mode no traversalOn) users can still hilited text in
> a field. Of course, the field does not receive focus (no focus border) but
> it is clear that a selection has been made.
> My question is, HOW DO I GET THAT SELECTION? I want the user to be able to
> copy text in view mode, but unless the control has traversalOn set to true,
> AND the control has focus, none of the text selection commands seem to
> work. Not only that, none of the field handlers work. OpenField,
> selectionChanged, nothing.
> It would be better i suppose if the end user was unable to even select
> text in this mode (I can accomplish that with lockText) that for the text
> to be hilited, but nothing can be done with it. I can work around this I am
> sure, but it will require a lot of factoring.
> My question is, is there a way to get that visible selection? The engine
> is obviously hiliting it.
> Bob S
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