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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 23 10:52:35 EST 2017

Mike Bonner wrote:

> Just remembered, you can bipass the shell call entirely..
> launch document sRootFolder -- native lc command.  Just need to do as I
> mentioned and be sure its a folder you're dealing with. (otherwise it will
> launch the apropos app to match the file type)
> It will probably work for both platforms. (my mac is down or I'd check
> there)

As Richmond might ask, "both"?

There are three major desktop OSes. :)

For those who include the roughly 50 million Linux desktop users in 
their deployments, calling xdg-open with the shell function does the trick:

on mouseUp
    put specialFolderPath("desktop") into tFolder
    get shell("xdg-open "&quote& tFolder &quote)
end mouseUp

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