Reveal in Find on Windows

hh hh at
Thu Feb 23 07:23:39 EST 2017

The following works here on Mac/Win/Linux with LC 6/7/8/9.

All my newer stacks have a menu (small square at top left)
to do that for each path item of the current stack path.

##  Opens the folder that contains the file pFolderFile
command openWorkingFolder pFolderFile
   set itemdel to "/"
   put item 1 to -2 of pFolderFile into t
   set itemdel to ","
   if the platform is "linux" then
         launch document t
         get shell("xdg-open " & quote&t&quote)
      end try
   else launch document t
end openWorkingFolderInFinder	

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