Script Editor fixable? (was: Configuring a Sublime Text project to notify LiveCode IDE about updates to script only stacks)

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Wed Feb 22 11:55:10 EST 2017

That makes good sense. A mothership sanctioned powerful external editor, with detailed install instructions, would be very nice and would better support those with higher professional aspirations for livecode.

William Prothero

> On Feb 22, 2017, at 8:46 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> prothero wrote:
> > I agree with Roger,
> > There needs to be a useful script editor bundled with livecode.
> Absolutely.  No development environment could claim to be integrated without including such an essential components.
> I'm not suggesting we make people hunt for their own components.  I'm wondering if it makes sense to officially embrace external editors, for both utility and cost savings.
> > I'm suspecting that a lot of the impetus for sublime text and other
> > external editors has to do with professional developers' need to use
> > github with script only stacks. For entry level users, the built in
> > editor would be their first exposure and perhaps sufficient.
> >
> > I also suspect that folks new to programming, or non-professionals
> > might be a target too good to "not" keep on our good side.
> Apologies that I didn't wrote more clearly.
> In all my communications on this I've tried to stress that a good editor be bundled with the LC install.
> But if that editor were external, then the IDE needs only one interface for managing not only the included editor, but any other editor anyone might want to use.
> Out of the box there's an experience at least as good as what we have now, and with the click of a Prefs button users could also choose any other editor they prefer.
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