playloudness of audioclip ignored on Windows?

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Sat Feb 18 07:20:03 EST 2017

I have a ‘click' audio clip that typically is played once only in any one use of the software, as a sort of 'captured data’ indicator in response to an on screen button.  That meant that the slight delay in first playing an audio clip was always noticeable for users.

To get around this, I used this script to play silently once on opencard, and then the ‘real’ click would not be laggy.

On opencard
  set the playloudness of audioclip “click.aiff” to zero
  play audioclip “click.aiff”
  set the playloudness of audioclip “click.aiff” to 50
–– not sure this setting is retained, but hey ho.
end opencard

This works fine in the ide and in Mac standadalone.  No click, and no lag when the click is needed for real.

On Windows (10 and Vista tested so far) standalone the click is not muted, but plays at the OS volume setting.

I have looked through the docs and forums, but can’t see anything relevant.  Any ideas?

Developing on Mac OS 10.12, LC 7.1.3

Best wishes,

David Glasgow

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