Deleting stacks on the fly

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Feb 16 16:08:57 EST 2017

@ Jacque: I don't think it is ram after all.

FYI: on my Nexus 5 I have 1.8 GB RAM and our new app + All of Googles "widgets" that come preloaded take up a mere .8 GB and I have a full GB of RAM free. after proceeding (as we discussed off list with our team) to delete stacks when we move from one to another, so that only 1 or 2 are ever open in memory… I am pretty certain I'm not have a memory issue on this Android Device: but it still crashes.

I took this to HQ… I guess you all know about plugging in your android phone and running ./adb logcat  and then pass that over to LC support.

If you are interested  you can view it here:  # 13MB file

if you search 

Activity Manager: Process com.himalayan

You will run into all the instances of 

ActivityManager: Process com.himalayanacademy.sivasiva (pid 25473) has died


There appear to be three different "flavors" of "exited due to signal (11)  in that log.  I won't detail them here as I don't grok the log well enough to talk about it. 

Hopefully HQ will figure it out… building from 8.1.3 (RC2)

does 9 dp4 change the file format? Safe?  I could make back ups of course.  and test… but need to keep moving on content dev… 

 I have no recipe or rather, we do, but it seems harmless.

we "Go" from one stack to another, then after 10 milliseconds, delete the first one

here is the handler where the app exits on signal 11, you can  see where we were fiddling with 

1) just closing it, 
2) opening stack B and deleting stack A
3) Opening stack B and send a "Delete" stack A in 10 milliseconds.

All three scenarios cause android to crash and we have *lots* of open RAM. 

command portal_GoStack stackName
   -- goes to the new stack
   -- closes the current stack
   -- safely ignores if we are alrady in the new stack
   put the short name of this stack into oStackName
   if oStackName = stackName then return oStackName
   go to stack stackName
  --close stack oStackName
   -- test deleting the stacks to save on RAM
  send "portal_RemoveStack oStackName" to me in 10 milliseconds  
--   delete stack oStackName
   return oStackName
end portal_GoStack

command portal_RemoveStack stackName
    if stackName <> "Siva-Siva-App" then
        delete stack stackName
    end if    
end portal_RemoveStack

# Works perfectly well on iOS

Svasti Astu, Be Well 


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    I frequently delete stacks when memory is an issue, which is the problem 
    with Swami's stack suite. I also create almost all new stacks with 
    destroystack set to true for the same reason.

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