AW: Re: How to run a hidden standalone under OSX?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Feb 15 15:58:31 EST 2017

Someone else here in the office already solved this. I was just slow to
read my emails I guess.

The answer is:

On OS X, you can do this by adding
  LSUIElement true
to its Info.plist file (within the application bundle).

It's probably easiest to do this with Property List Editor which is part
of the OS X development tools - doesn't look like the Standalone Builder
has a place to do it.

On 2/15/2017 3:09 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I am trying to have my main application (an LC standalone) run a helper
> app (another LC standalone) under OSX. The helper app is "headless" - it
> displays no windows or user interaction. The main application
> communicates with the helper through sockets and shuts it down after it
> has done the data processing it does.
> Under Windows, I can just use "launch" and it appears in the Windows
> process list when you press Control-Alt-Delete, but does NOT appear in
> the Windows task bar.
> Under OSX (testing under 10.9.5), I have tried "launch" and  get
> shell("open -a" && quote & tHelper & quote && "-n -j") and get
> shell(quote & tHelper & quote && "-ui") and possible some other
> variation I have forgotten.
> Whatever I do, the App appears in the Dock. No app windows, but it
> always appears in the Dock.
> Is there any way under OSX to make launch/run/open a standalone under
> script control where it really is a background process and in no way
> appear to the user?
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