How to run a hidden standalone under OSX?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Feb 15 15:09:50 EST 2017

I am trying to have my main application (an LC standalone) run a helper
app (another LC standalone) under OSX. The helper app is "headless" - it
displays no windows or user interaction. The main application
communicates with the helper through sockets and shuts it down after it
has done the data processing it does.

Under Windows, I can just use "launch" and it appears in the Windows
process list when you press Control-Alt-Delete, but does NOT appear in
the Windows task bar.

Under OSX (testing under 10.9.5), I have tried "launch" and  get
shell("open -a" && quote & tHelper & quote && "-n -j") and get
shell(quote & tHelper & quote && "-ui") and possible some other
variation I have forgotten.

Whatever I do, the App appears in the Dock. No app windows, but it
always appears in the Dock.

Is there any way under OSX to make launch/run/open a standalone under
script control where it really is a background process and in no way
appear to the user?

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