Script locals in library stack script

Bob Hall bob at
Fri Feb 10 06:56:19 EST 2017

I’ve been wondering this myself. I’m going to try to create a recipe but it looks like the TTL of script local variables is different than what I thought I knew it to be. I “think” I started see this behavior about 8.1.0-ish timeframe but not sure. 

In the past few months I started to put everything into properties as I found that my understanding of how script local variables behaved was different then how they do. I had chalked it up to getting old and just forgetting how things work.

So I guess I need to understand what is the TTL definition of a script local variable? I was under the impression that if I have setters/getters for the variables and set their value, as long as that Script remains in memory, the script local variable retains it’s value. I do not see that for sure if I set the script local var in the libraryStack message in 8.1.2 or 8.1.3.

Curious if you’ve figured out anything about this since the original note.

Bob Hall

> Is this something others have seen? LC 8.1.3 rc 1.

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