some, but not all, custom properties survive paste to new stack

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Wed Feb 8 17:50:37 EST 2017

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> All properties and
> values were copied.

They had been for me until recently.

At this point, I have it cleared, but I'm suspecting a deeper bug is behind

I had set the properties for a few fields at a time, and these survived
multiple save/quit/load cycles.

And then the properties disappeared.

I reset them individually, and now they stuck.

> Now I was reminded the the custom property tab in the Project Browser is
> wacky - I would click the add new element "plus", select the default "1"
> for the key, rename it, click in the value box and enter a value and
> then click on the plus for a new element and the value never got set.

This one is, indeed, maddening.  Even used to it, it bites quite frequently.

You also need to click out of the data area to get the data to fix with

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