some, but not all, custom properties survive paste to new stack

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Feb 8 16:34:11 EST 2017

On 2/8/2017 2:03 PM, Dr. Hawkins via use-livecode wrote:
> more hair-pulling time . . .
> I paste a group from a source stack to an output stack in a script.
> Some, but not all, of the custom properties that I set survive this pasting.
> For example, my source field has properties mrgns, txtFnt, txtSiz, and
> txtHgt.
> Its group, supergroups, card, and stack have no such properties.
> Nonetheless, all I have after paste are mrgns and txtFnt.
> I've single stepped through the paste point, and the behavior remains; the
> properties aren't there as soon as it is pasted, but remain in the source
> group.

I just did a test in LC 8.1.2. Created a new stack, created a field with
the custom properties mrgns, txtFnt, txtSiz, and txtxHgt with some
values. Grouped the field and set the name and properties of the group
(showBorder, showName so I could see the group). Created a second new
stack. Copied the group from the 1st stack to the 2nd new stack, Checked
the properties of the group in the second stack. All properties and
values were copied.

Now I was reminded the the custom property tab in the Project Browser is
wacky - I would click the add new element "plus", select the default "1"
for the key, rename it, click in the value box and enter a value and
then click on the plus for a new element and the value never got set.

I have not yet checked 8.1.3 to see if that bug of the Project Browser
is one of the many things fixed in 8.1.3.

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