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Tue Feb 7 18:53:39 EST 2017

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 >> On 2/7/2017 5:01 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
 >>>>> Curiosity question: Do multiple nested groups (3 or 4 levels deep)
 >>>>> affect CPU and memory performance? Are fewer nested groups easier
 >>>>> on the engine?
 > I'm working with a stack that has some memory issues which includes
 > many image-rich nested groups. I don't think this is contributing
 > directly to the problem but wondered if reducing the number of
 > groups might help.

For both performance and memory, each object adds some overhead.  But 
the group object would seem slim in both respects, so I wouldn't imagine 
an extra level of nesting would make much difference either performance 
or RAM.

Images, however, are among the most RAM-intensive objects LC handles. 
Each exists at least initially in its compressed form, then in its 
unpacked bitmap form when rendered (width * height * color depth, 
possibly also + alpha width * height if PNG), and often both exist at 
the same time.

If there's a way to reduce the number of images, or their size, or their 
quality (if JPEG), you'll likely get much farther with reducing memory 
requirements than by removing groups.

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