Help: Does anyone use legacy message box behavior?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 7 10:45:41 EST 2017

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > would you use this feature, specifically in debugging a
 > standalone, and what’s wrong with it now?

The revMessageBox redirect allows you to use any field to display data 
that would otherwise go to LC's Message Box; that is, any "put" without 
a specified destination.

When combined with an input field for triggering commands and querying 
functions and properties, you can effectively make a satisfyingly 
full-featured Message Box replacement.

This allows you to query information at runtime in a standalone.

When these fields are part of a separate window they can be useful in 
desktop apps, but they can also be contained within a group, which could 
be shown and hidden as needed, for debugging in mobile apps as well.

I had thought revMessageBoxRedirect was already part of the standalone 
engine, but apparently not.  Making it available to standalones opens up 
very flexible options for poking around in a LC app.

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