Converting scripts in stacks to script only stack behaviors

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>      With Levure adding stack files won't cause any conflicts. Each stack
>     is an independent file and the file that specifies which stacks to
> load is
>     a text file.
> BR: I must be missing something. in the video you show how the stack files
> of the URL Dialog stack have been set in the stack properties of the binary
> livecode stack…so if those changed, the binary is changed Y/N?

Correct. The stackfiles property is only changed if you add a new behavior
via a script only stack. That should only happen if you add a new control
to the stack that requires a behavior. Keep in mind that the URL Dialog is
a stack file that contains a single stack, no substacks. It represents one
window in the UI of the application.

> but here you say
> "and the file that specifies which stacks to load is a text file."

I'm referring to the app.yml file here. The app.yml file is what ties
together all of the files in the application folder into a single
application. It is where you specify which libraries, frontscripts,
backscripts, and other stacks make up the application. If I add a new UI
stack named "Prompt User Prior to Delete" no other stack files will be
modified. The only file that might be updated is the app.yml file and that
is unlikely as well. In the app.yml file you can specify that the contents
of a specific folder are components and Levure will treat all of the
contents of that folder as such.

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