Converting scripts in stacks to script only stack behaviors

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Feb 5 15:03:12 EST 2017

Ali, thanks for chiming in… in the current app we stayed away from any resizing, the Design passed down from our team which has years of experience in print graphics (but zero in digital UX/UI) would have been a challenge to get responsive. It could be done of course, anything can be done in Livecode!  But, compared to using CSS for web, writing all the code for making the design I got handed, responsive, would have taken more time than we wanted to put in at that stage of the project (with "tiny" budget!)… possibly in the future.  

RE: "a good resizeStack Handler" … it would be great is those who have mastered this skill--have libraries, examples… were to place them somewhere for us to study.

A lot of the "flak" I hear about using LC is "but it's not responsive, at that so easy with HTML5"   They gloss over the depth of javascript skills required to actually program the UI to do anything other than look pretty. However easy it may be to make a <div class="flexFrame"> and apply a class. The "ease" ends there.  If I have a UI ready to go and ask a JS jockey to program the whole UX, click a stop watch and have Jacqueline do it in LiveCode. Jacque will be done in half the time. 

Point: if we had a more robust set of examples, lessons, youTube Tutorials on "building responsive UI for LiveCode" it would go a long way in helping the product feel that this issue, is a non-issue. Right now it is.


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    On the subject of building UI from script, I generally think it boils down
    to whether you already have a good resizeStack handler implemented.  If you
    do, you've done all the hard work already - you can just create all the
    objects with their required properties before the card opens and delete
    them when it closes, and your resizeStack does the rest of the placement
    Obviously this is a bit trickier if you have a lot of fields prepopulated
    with text, or groups with more complicated structure where it's not so easy
    to tease out the scripts into a behavior.

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