Creating LiveCode applications that play well with version control software

Trevor DeVore lists at
Sat Feb 4 23:08:05 EST 2017

For the last few months I've been developing an application framework for
LiveCode applications that works well with version control software such as
git. The framework encourages the use of as many text files as possible.
Scripts are stored in script only stacks and all configuration is done with
yaml files. Stacks used for UI are stored as binary so there is still some
work to do in that area. I’ve also started using Sublime Text as my editor
of choice when working with LiveCode.

My ultimate goal is for the LiveCode community to have a viable option for
creating applications managed with version control software, which can be
worked on in teams, but that don't lose the "live" aspect of developing in

I've created a screencast where I show what I've been doing in case anyone
is interested.

Here is the GitHub repository url the Levure framework:

Trevor DeVore
Outcome & ScreenSteps     -

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