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A masterful explanation! Thanks Fraser -

On 2/3/17 7:20 PM, Fraser Gordon via use-livecode wrote:
> On 2017-02-03 21:03, Phil Davis via use-livecode wrote:
>> I'm currently fiddling around with fonts. I see that the list 
>> returned by 'the fontNames' contains some 'placeholder' values, 
>> namely these:
>>    (Default)
>>    (Menu)
>>    (Message)
>>    (Styled Text)
>>    (System)
>>    (Text)
>>    (Tooltip)
>> Is there a way to find out what font is used when a field's textFont 
>> is set to "(Default)" or some other placeholder value?
> Yes and no - the font that is being used for, say, "(Message)" has a 
> name that will be returned if you ask the macOS system for the font 
> for push buttons and then ask what the name of that font is - it might 
> be "San Francisco" on recent versions of macOS, for example. When I 
> originally added these pseudo-fonts in LC8, that's exactly what asking 
> for 'the effective textfont of...' would give you. Unfortunately, it 
> turns out that the font you get when you try to request the macOS 
> system fonts by name is *not* the same font as when you ask the 
> 'official' way (which means that setting the textFont of a control to 
> its effective textFont actually changes the font!).
> So, no, because LiveCode doesn't provide a way to get the "display 
> name" of the font used for these.
> But yes, because the font really *is* "(Message)" because that's the 
> only name for it that LiveCode can actually use.
> I hope that's about as clear as mud for you ;)
> Fraser
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