repeated crashing on save in 8.x

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Fri Feb 3 11:26:46 EST 2017

My project is in a dozen or so stacks which I turn into substacks before

In 8.x, as I go through this dance, in addition to the bug that stops "save
as" from working (although it does seem to change the name on the next save
after, some of the time.  I've worked around it with "set the filename" and
a gratuitous save), I am now seeing crashes  when saving after adding a sub

Even looping through, and saving after each added substack, I get crashes
at different points each run.  Off the cuff, I'm estimating a crash (of
livecode itself) about 10% of the time, so getting through the whole set is
 rather rare event.

I've found that if I run the combination code in 7.1.4, it works (but
doesn't compile correctly, failing to add the database and other support
modules [it identifies them, and gives a list of failures at the end]).

So for the moment, I'm combing in 7 and compiling in 8.

Another odd observation is that when I *do* manage to combine in 8,
compilation takes something like 10 minutes when it succeeds (but it
usually crashes on the way).   If I combine in 7 and compile in 8,
compilation is quick (maybe a minute; I haven't measured), and no crash.

Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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