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Graham Samuel livfoss at
Fri Feb 3 11:15:52 EST 2017

Only slightly OT, quite near my first encounter with computers at all, and at the very beginning of my encounter with High Level Languages (do people still use that expression?), I translated Knuth’s algorithm for calculating the date of Easter into LISP 1. It would be a lot easier to do in LiveCode. As this is probably of limited interest, I have not spent the $2.99 needed to retrieve the original article, but maybe someone might want to: <>

I did not know either of the languages involved when I started the exercise.

Anyway that experience makes me endorse one of Richmond’s way of introducing people to LiveCode, quoted below.


PS As an exercise for the reader (do people still use **that** expression?) you can work out from this story approximately how old I am.

> On 16 Oct 2016, at 13:30, Richmond <richmondmathewson at> wrote:
> Another thing that is quite instructive is to download some daft game from the internet written in
> who-knows-what and get the kids, first, to consider its functionality, and secondly, how they might
> possibly achieve that functionality in Livecode.

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