Different result in LC 6 to LC 8 when copying field text into Excel?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Thu Feb 2 06:13:08 EST 2017


I have a standard scrolling list field with multiple lines of text. I copy
the text by:

*set the clipboarddata["text"] to fld "List"*

The User now can past the text into MS Excel on Windows. With LC 6 the text
was pasted into Excel line by line, as it showed up in LC. In LC 8.1.2 the
text is pasted with an extra space line between each two lines.

I checked the line ends in both versions. There is only one "LF"
(byteToNum=10) at the end of each line and it looks the same in both

What has changed in LC 8 to cause such a different behavior? Is this again a
Unicode thing what I don't understand? I already tried different
clipboarddata keys, without success.

It can't be an Excel option, because I tested it with the same Excel version
on the same machine.

Any idea, what has to be changed to get the same clipboard result as in LC

Thank you




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