Using a variable for an array name

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 1 19:08:29 EST 2017

Peter Bogdanoff wrote:

 > I have arrays:
 > tArray1
 > tArray2
 > tArray3
 > tArray4
 > I want to get data from one of them:
 > put “tArray” & “1” into tVar
 > put tVar [“Text”] into tText1
 > tText1 is empty.
 > Is there a way to get the data from the arrays without doing this
 > kind of thing for each array:
 > put tArray1 [“Text”] into tText1
 > put tArray2 [“Text”] into tText2

Whenever you have a collection of variables whose names may be variable, 
an array is a natural fit.

LiveCode supports n-dimensional arrays, so you could use:

  -- Store:
  put "something" into tBigArray["1"]["text"]
  put "somethingelse" into tBigArray["2"]["text"]

  -- Retrieve:
  put tBigArray["1"]["text"] into tSomeVar
  put tBigArray["2"]["text"] into tAnotherVar

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