Using a variable for an array name

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"Do" will do the trick.

Repeat with tVarNum = 1 to 4
 do "put"&&tArray&VarNum&"["&WrapQ("Text")&"] into tText"&tVarNum
 do "put"&&tArray&VarNum&"["&WrapQ("SomeOtherArrayValue")&"] into tSomeOtherArrayValue"&tVarNum
end repeat

function WrapQ pString
 return quote&pString&quote
end WrapQ

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I have arrays:

I want to get data from one of them:

put “tArray” & “1” into tVar
put tVar [“Text”] into tText1

tText1 is empty.

Is there a way to get the data from the arrays without doing this kind of thing for each array:

put tArray1 [“Text”] into tText1
put tArray2 [“Text”] into tText2


Peter Bogdanoff

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