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hh hh at
Wed Feb 1 02:36:27 EST 2017

Tracing all opaque parts of a picture with transparency, not only the
outline, is one of the tools that BerndN uses in button "TracedAntialias"
for the bilinear distortion, the tracing method used is "radial sweep".

We should ask him to make an own 'little stack' for "Antialiased Tracing"
where he describes his technique in some detail.

There are already really marvellous imaging tools written in LiveCode
available. And certainly I don't know all.
Perhaps we should start to collect them at one place, ask the authors
of these jewels to contribute.

My idea for this LC-magick collection here was to add only such techniques
that were not, or not this fast, available until now in LiveCode and that
are somehow connected to imageMagick. But that's only an idea.

As my last contribution for a while will follow this month
"DeLinear Perspective Distortion"
a tool that may help to "UnPerspective/ UnRotate/ UnSkew". Especially
people using OCR sometimes need that.

Hopefully others come in to enlarge this collection or build a new one.
Just open your treasure chests.


> Roger E. wrote:
> I think your stack that traces the outlines of a multicolor PNG into polygon shapes would be a fabulous addition to this image tool collection. ~Roger
> > hh wrote:
> > Added today #6: Bilinear Perspective Image Distortion 
> > Distortion part by 'hh', Antialiasing part by 'BNig'. 
> >
> > LC-Magick #1 - Blur and Pixelate (Scott R.) 
> >
> > plus-pixelize-bonus/ 
> > LC-Magick #2 - Pointillize (Hermann H.) 
> >
> > LC-Magick #3 - Image Multiplexing (Hermann H.) 
> >
> > LC-Magick #4 - Linear Perspective Image Distortion (Hermann H.) 
> >
> > LC-Magick #5 - Circular (Polar) Image Distortion (Hermann H. and Bernd N.) 
> >
> > LC-Magick #6 - Bilinear Perspective Image Distortion (Hermann H. and Bernd 
> > N.) 
> >
> >
> > Most of it is based on ideas presented in imageMagick's documentation 
> >

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