iOS 10.3.1 on iPhone 7 Plus

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You need to upgrade to OSX 10.12 and Xcode 8.3.1. I am using 10.11 and 8.2.1 and can install apps with no problems. I'm wondering where do you get "Could not inspect this app."? I get the triangle warning in Xcode when selecting a 10.3.1 device but it does not cause me any problems.

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I have a new iphone 7Plus with iOS 10.3.1  (no choice… we are on an enterprise hardware refresh cycle here and move up when the last model still has resale value… works very well, $ wise,  but keep us on the bleeding edge)

any hope for installing standalone? I spent some hours with builds, kept getting entitlements issue, solved that. But now xCode 8.2.1 says it may not support this phone + "Could not inspect this app."

Any path to move forward?

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