right-hand buttons on player (LiveCode 8.1, Windows 10) showing inconsistent behavior

Curtis Ford curt at sonasoftware.com
Wed Sep 28 17:02:03 CEST 2016

A while back I made a series of modules for a client in LiveCode 6 using 
players with Quicktime for sound files. In those projects, clicking the 
two right-hand buttons in the player 'nudged' the sound forward or 
backward. Holding the buttons down worked for fast-forwarding & rewinding.

Now I'm working on an additional module in LiveCode 8.1. The players do 
play the sound, but the right-hand buttons don't work consistently

When the player is paused: they don't respond to clicks, or to holding 
the buttons down.

If the sound is playing: holding a button down just pauses the sound; 
clicking seems to pause it briefly but doesn't seem to change the 
current location in the sound.

Anyone else seeing this?

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