The Achilles heel of Android and iOS

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Fri Sep 23 02:13:50 CEST 2016

The neck-breaking speed of their hardware
obsolescence (planned or not) is
the Achilles heel of Android and iOS...

Take a look of these eye opening charts:

Buying a NEW PHONE or Tablet is almost like
BURNING MONEY, just for the fun of it.

Losing (or if you prefer: "paying") 100 or more
dollars monthly, just to hold in your hand
the latest and greatest marvel of modern
electronics is the kind of luxury that grows
tiring real soon... much like social media fatigue:

Just imagine this (not so far away) scenario:

For any reason, people stop jumping in line
to buy the latest and greatest phone or tablet
and prefer to wait... and wait... just for a few weeks
or even a few months (because time flies
when you are busy), while still using their previous
latest and greatest marvel from just a few months ago.

How many months would Apple or Samsung
or every other phone/tablet maker could last
without selling new hardware to new or repeating

Maybe Years? Or Months? Or Weeks?

Do you understand how bad is this unhealthy
dependency (dependency on selling new hardware
to repeating and new customers) for the present and
future health of the computer industry?

I foresee easily, (if these trends do not change for better)
a disaster of Titanic's proportions in the computer industry.

Why the computer industry is unable to foresee
the peril and start devising strategies to produce
money from extended support of their older hardware?

Yes, money from supporting their older hardware and
opening a path for their customers to stay and update
within their own line of products.

Recently, I watched up close a Windows XP tablet,
similar to this:
and surprisingly, the user experience it's not
too far away from today tablets but these
tablet computers are more than 10 years old!

What kind of future is reserved for companies
that treat their customers as disposable?


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