Tool palette and Inspector disappearing in LC8.1?

Richard Burkett richard.burkett at
Wed Sep 21 03:04:21 CEST 2016

I probably have a number of bugs to file when I get some time to search the bugs database and do it, but has anyone else noticed that the tool palette disappears from time to time? I have an app I’m working on with a lot of substacks with their own menus, and I often work with a script open and the message box visible, and sometimes with the Inspector open, too. I’ve found that after enough time working, sometimes I can no longer open the Inspector, but more frequently the Tool Palette disappears and I have to click on the Message Box to return from the Browse mode to the LC editing cursor and then try to show the Tool Palette (which doesn’t always work when choosing the menu). It’s really annoyingly frequent. There are a lot of great things in LC 8.1, but the editing interface isn’t exactly one of them.


Richard Burkett
richard.burkett at

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