Debugger forgetting soft breakpoints

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Sep 7 01:32:34 CEST 2016

Hi Mark.

Yes but the problem occurs even when I have made changes AFTER the point of the soft break. So the line number does not change, but I am still seeing the breakpoints missed.

Also I vaguely remember this coming up back in version 6, and it was addressed back then, after which breakpoints worked flawlessly for a long time. I think this might be a regression.

Bob S

On Sep 6, 2016, at 14:18 , mwieder <ahsoftware at<mailto:ahsoftware at>> wrote:


Soft breakpoints in the IDE are a bit weird. They're tied to the line
number, for one thing, so if you edit the code so that your saved soft
breakpoint no longer matches the line number it was saved with, it will no
longer trigger.

Mark Wieder
ahsoftware at<mailto:ahsoftware at>

Mark Wieder
ahsoftware at<mailto:ahsoftware at>

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